Controversial singer and songwriter, Stephanie Benson, has become a fully blown Kama Sutra lecturer on her own and her class size on social media seems to be increasing at a fast rate because a lot happens during her sessions.

The 52-year-old’s latest sɛx education with demonstration is about teaching women to know their private parts very well.

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Briefing her fans about the topic, she wrote “Have you looked into the eyes of Your Vag¡na? Do you know your way around a vagina? Every vagina is unique to the woman”.

She continued that “Women get a mirror, look at your Vagina the same way you look at your face. If you have never met your Vag¡na face to face how can you introduce it to your partner? Men, take the trouble to look into the eyes of a Vagina. It’s Enchanting.”

The “69” singer’s lecture came with a new video seen online, in which at some point, she filmed herself mirroring her inner self to teach her viewers how it is done.

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Before this, the mother of four advised girls to drink spɛrms because it has nutrients that aides healthy skin.

Watch the video below :


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