Over 60 Dolphins and other species of fish were washed ashore the coasts of Ghana over the weekend.

There has been alarming reports over the past few days of Dolphins and other species of fish washing ashore some coasts in Ghana.

This has raised discussions by Netizens on twitter but the actual cause of this unfortunate situation is yet to be ascertained.

Meanwhile, some Ghanaian fish mongers have already started making money from the mysterious Dolphins and other species of fish which were discovered at the sea shore.

In a viral video, the mysterious Dolphins were seen cut into pieces in an oven as they were been roasted and prepared for market.

The Food and Drugs Authority and the Minister of Fishery, Miss Hawa Koomson warned against Ghanaians who would try to sell them out.

They have already cautioned Ghanaians not to eat them until further notice but from this video these fish mongers are already making money from it.

Watch the video below


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