Recently, there has been an uproar in Ghana over the new arrangements made to legalize LGBTQI in Ghana. An office has even been set up to further show that Ghana is planning to make such a thing legal.

However, this has brought out some celebrities who were once secretive about their acts to come forward.

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Here are 5 Ghanaian celebrities who have come forward about their gay intentions.

First on the list is the famous rapper, Pappy Kojo. Pappy was once accused of being gay, however the matter was shrugged off because the musician did not come out to say anything.

Pappy Kojo talks about Depression, Smoking and multiple Flings - GhKings

However, during a recent interview, the rapper revealed that he was gay. This was when he was asked about the accusations concerning him dating Yvonne Nelson.

At that moment, he came out to say that he was actually gay and had no interest in women.

Second on the list is Ignatius Annor. Ignatius is a former journalist for Metro TV. It was during an interview that e revealed that he was actually gay.

Ignatius Annor: I denied being a Gay at Metro TV Out of Fear of Losing my job -


Back in 2015, the journalist denied that he was gay, however, now he has come out with reason that he was afriad of the stigmatization and him losing his job.

Third on the list is Sister Deborah. Sister Deborah is a well-known musician who recently came out to support the LGBTQI movement on social media. Due to this, many have backlashed her.

Sister Derby: Medikal will marry me - Graphic Online

However, making such a bold move on social media means that the musician does not mind dating her fellow female if she feels like it.

Fourth on the list is Wanlov the Kubolor. Wanlov is also a well-known musician and aside that, he is also known to be the brother of Sister Deborah.

Wanlov The Kubolor strikes back with Red Card: The Minstrel Cycle

Recently, he also came out to support the LGBTQI movement which was a kick in the balls to his fans and other celebrities who supported him.

Therefore, it is only normal to conclude that the musician does not mind dating his fellow man if need be.


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