President Donald Trump spent more time at a campaign rally Saturday ranting about his election loss and ripping Georgia Republican leaders who refused his demands to subvert the results in the Peach State.

Trump did promote incumbent Georgia Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler – whose Jan. 5 re-election bids will decide control of the Senate – but framed most of the rally around his own legacy and false allegations about the election.

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Kemp rejected Trump’s request to call a special legislative session to approve the appointment of a pro-Trump slate to the Electoral College, earning repeated rebukes from Trump during an airport rally in Valdosta, Ga., that lasted 100 minutes.

“We just need somebody with courage to do what they have to do,” said Trump, who has pressured legislators in several Biden states to push for pro-Trump electors, despite the fact that state officials lack the legal authority to do that in defiance of their states’ voters.

While Trump falsely claimed he really “won” the presidential election, he tacitly admitted at times that Biden will become president and Kamala Harris will become vice president on Jan. 20.


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