There has been a social media stir as photos of Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, Founder of Lighthouse Chapel, show the bishop officiating a pastor’s daughter’s wedding 27 years after doing the same for the pastor.

The pastor, known as @BrotherMighty on Twitter, shared a post saying that in 1993, his marriage was officiated by Bishop Dag Heward-Mills in a small living room with a handful of people.

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In the photo he posted, Bishop Heward-Mills is seen looking very young and standing behind a pulpit as he joins the young couple in matrimony.

Bishop Dag Heward Mills blessing the marriage 27 years ago

The pastor expressed shock that Bishop Heward-Mills did the same thing for his daughter this year.

He also expressed how thankful he was to God and to the Bishop.

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Twitter users welcomed the wonder story with many people acknowledging what a blessing and testimony this story is.