There has been a new twist to the reportage carried on the demise of 5o-year old American rapper, Earl Simmons aka DMX.

The American star’s death top twitter trends when the news broke that DMX had passed on with the hashtag #RIPDMX.

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However, the family has called on people to stop spreading the rumor about DMX’s death.

The rapper’s Manager, Steven J. Rifkind posted a short video to give details about DMX’s situation.

According to the manger, DMX is still alive and is currently on a life support. He is not dead has heavily reported on most US newspapers and websites.

He also urged social media users to rather pray for DMX than using hashtag #RIPDMX.

DMX fans subsequently thanked Steve for clearing the air as they started tweeting hashtag #PrayforDMX.

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Meanwhile, TMZ also reported that the star’s family was contemplating taking him off life support after a series of tests showed that there is no sign of brain activity.


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