Popular Ghanaian fashionista and actress, Nana Akua Addo has angrily responded to Aisha Modi claims and insults.

In a post on social media, Aisha Modi has threatened to beat up Nana Akua Addo if she dares to provoke her.

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Ayisha Modi who shared a photo of Nana Akua also warned the socialite to be careful because she could get her world crushing if she tries to fight her.

Modi who seems to have a history with Nana Akua recounted how the fashionista made her do donkey work for her many years ago without any pay.

The actress and movie producer has also reacted to Aisha Modi’s threatening.

Nana Akua questioned the diehard fan of Stonebwoy if she has ever seen 15k before.

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The fashionista has also used unprinted words to rebate Modi in an Instagram post sighted by Ghanaarticles.com.

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