Alex Segbefia scolds Akufo-Addo For politicizing during his National address on the COVID-19 outbreak


The former Minister for Health, Alex Segbefia has heavily criticized the President Akufo-Addo following his announcement to build 88 hospitals within a year in some districts while his updating the Nation on the Coronavirus pandemic.

In an interview on Neat FM’s ‘Me Man Nti’ programme, he opined that, “I think that it was an unfortunate statement to make at the time because I don’t think that is the platform to use to make such an announcement. This is an international platform, lots of people listen across the world as to what our President is going to say with regards to COVID-19. Hospitals that are going to be built in a year’s time are not the issue currently. We want to know what steps you are taking to deal with COVID-19, and so to use that platform to make a political statement is unfortunate.”

Alex Segbefia further ascertained that there was no need for the President to reiterate the construction of the 88 district hospitals because it was already in the manifesto of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

“He didn’t say anything that was not in the manifesto of the NPP . . . it’s already in the manifesto so what was the point of saying it now?” he queried.

Meanwhile, he believes it is not feasible to construct 88 district hospitals acroos the country in a year.

“We all want hospitals but to do it in a year, it will be right to say that based on the historical facts on how we build our hospitals in this country, it will not be possible to build 94 hospitals in one year. For him to give such timeline smacks of politics,” he added.

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