Elections have ended and John Dumelo is having to deal with all sorts of questions coming from social media which he finds just the right answer for.

John Dumelo has turned into a memes monger as he cracks people up by almost answering questions on social media with funny video memes.

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A good example is when someone said “Now John Dumelo no dey type plenty emojis and memes nkoa….elections go humble you”  he responded with a short clip of Daddy Lumba’s song, with the line “Ay3 Sika asem”

See that below 


Another example was when somebody said “johndumelo1 is the whole mood,man has been too emotional after he lost the elections” .  He responds with a meme


There is still more, one fan suggested that he be taken to psychiatric hospital and this was his response

You just can’t miss this one where somebody said “Man this is getting serious.. You need to call ambulance for Dumelo Cox man is really going crazy ” He equally responds perfectly

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