Research has shown that one of the very kindhearted and soft set of God’s creation in the world are women.

They behave a very special and specific way. You can never tell what a woman wants unless she tells you.

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You can never read or understand what they have in mind unless they open and tell you. Generally, women are too difficult to understand.

Ordinarily, a woman expects you as a man to know what is passing through. She would want you to read her mood and be able to attend to her.

Sometimes when you ask a woman what the problem is with her, she will tell you that she is fine, but deep down inside her heart, she’s not fine.

She just told you she’s fine because she wants you to persuade and pamper her to open up and tell you what the situation is.

As a person who has studied some behavior of women, I will in this article reveal some behavior, demands and something that women want early in the morning, but they will not tell you, thus they expect you to find out yourself. So read and find out.

Wake your woman up in the morning

Children are not the only ones that should be woken up from sleep every morning. Just as you wake your children up from bed every morning, in the same way women expect you to wake them up from sleep every morning.

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They see it as an act of love and care in relationships and Marriages.

Always greet her

In the same way you greet your children every morning and expect them to reciprocate those greetings, in that same way greet your woman.

Ask her how she spent her night, if she had a lovely night rest or nightmares. And watch how happy she will be.

Tell her always “I Love You”

As easy and simple it sounds or it might look, it is so important to tell your woman that you lover her every morning.

This passes a strong message deep into her hearts that will carry it long with her in her memory everywhere she goes for the day.

Praise her, tell her how good looking she is. That she is your queen, and she will be happy.

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Most women so want their man to kiss them every morning. Just a harmless but friendly kiss on her forehead or on her cheek. A try will not be bad as she is bound to like it.

Make her light breakfast

Making a breakfast for your woman every morning will not hurt you. it will not downgrade your ability as a man. It will not make you less a man or reduce your personality.

Make your woman a light breakfast, be it tea or any other Ghanaian breakfast, that are made of Nutritious Diet and she will love it.

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If as a man you can do these 5 things in the morning, then your woman will have no reason but to love you more.

What do you think about this?