There are some things that ladies enjoy in men but might not tell you because they don’t want you to start seeing them as being promiscuous or overly demanding.

Because ladies rarely express these things that they enjoy in men, most men don’t know about it, and that explains why sometimes, men think that ladies don’t really have affection for them.

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In this articles, I will be showing you four things that ladies enjoy in men but might not tell you.


Ladies enjoy it when men buy them gifts, gifting is one of those things that ladies enjoy in men. The language of most ladies is gift-giving and that explains why they enjoy this in men.

As a man, ladies expects you to always shower them with gifts, they want you to express how much you love them in the gifts that you give them.

So the next time you’re thinking of satisfying your lady or making her happy, gifting should be the first thing you should consider.

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Intimacy is one thing that ladies enjoy in men and it’s also something that they don’t toy with. Most ladies believe that intimacy helps strengthen relationships and cuddling is one of the ways by which they achieve that intimacy.

As a man, ladies expects you to be bale to cuddle them and make them feel loved and protected, they want to smell your skin and be closer to your breath, that to them is how much intimacy is achieved.

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This is another thing that ladies enjoy in men, they want to spend some quality time with you, they want to go on vacation with just you, and do all the wild things they’ve been fantasizing about.

Don’t be surprised if your lady always wants to go out with you on weekends, it’s one of the things that they enjoy in men, and it would only be nice of you to give to them.

Deep voice

The deep voice that men have is also something ladies enjoy in men, some ladies have even claimed that the deep voice usually gets them in the mood and that they can’t go out with men that don’t have that deep voice.

So as a man, if you have a deep voice, you should be confident that you’ll find a lady, as that’s something that ladies enjoy in men.

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